Every Touch Matters

From the Very First Moment Someone Becomes Aware of You, They Begin to Assess How You Make Them Feel.

This is true in every facet of life, and extremely important to recognize in business. The focus of this article is the impact and value of each touch when you are working The Process

Every business has a cycle in the work. For home business I call it the process. It is simply the path of making a new contact (called the approach), sharing information, following up, and then serving the customer.

One of the biggest challenges in doing the work is trying to be too perfect in what you say, and/or the fear of not saying the right thing. This comes from the desire to want the prospect to take action and become your customer. The challenge with this is that the focus is in the wrong place. It’s on yourself.

How the Person Feels When in Contact With You is Much More Important Than Anything You Say.

The chances are better that the prospect WON”T be ready to use your product or service in your first contact, than that they will. When you are clear about this (and I explain the numbers thoroughly in the book), then you realize the WIN in the first contact is simply making the contact in a way that is comfortable for the other person.

I understand you are trying to build a business, and it’s important to create sales. And you will as you work through the numbers, but the point is, that over time you will make more sales if you keep this principle in mind.

When you make a contact, and you do it with warmth, kindness, and respect, even if the other person is not prepared to move forward with you at this time, they will be left with a good feeling from their encounter with you. This paves the way for a future contact. The majority of all sales in the market are made after the 5th impression.

They Will Be Receptive the Next Time

When you make a positive impression, your contact list never gets smaller. The process is a continuous cycle. It’s a conversation that goes on into the future. You will re-contact people many times in your career. Over this time, many things will happen when you work the way I am talking about.

Your credibility will grow with each contact. Not because you are more successful, although you may be, but because people will have a higher amount of respect and trust that what you are doing is of value, and a higher regard for you as a person, because you are still doing the same business over time.

The other thing that happens is that life changes for the prospect. And in some regards it doesn’t. Here’s what I mean by this. There is a high probability that the challenge or struggle that your offer helps with has been an issue for your contact for a long time. As time goes on, they will still be dealing with the same thing that you offered to help with. Over time the issues this causes in their life change and increase. They become more open to a solution.

Because each time you touch them you do it the right way, they are more and more likely, to invest in what you have to offer.

BUT…this only happens if you give them a good feeling each time you reach out to them. Every touch matters in all corners of the process. This article is only touching on the prospect. There are other aspects that are relevant for the customer and business partners which you will also find in the book, and the second book Process 2 

I provide some additional nuggets in the video for you.

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