Mylan’s EpiPen fiasco is further proof…



So Today, Mylan Pharmaceuticals released the news that they will offer a cheaper, generic version of EpiPen. This one will cost only $300. Still three times as much as this product costs in 2004, but much better than the EpiPen which now sells for $600.

It’s an obvious move of desperation to combat the backlash from the public over their attempt to simply line their pockets without bringing any more value to the world. It is disgusting what they did. Common sense tells us that the generic version will still bring them a pile of money, or they wouldn’t do it. It’s interesting to note, that a few days ago they also agreed to pay up to $300 as a co-pay for EpiPen which again guarantees them $300 for the product…

Just like a few other horrible examples in the past few years, this is a drug company that is taking advantage of a consumer in significant need. If you NEED an EpiPen or a product like it, you really need it. It can mean the difference between life and death. There is nothing wrong with profiting from helping people meet needs. That’s what all businesses should be doing. But excessively taking advantage of people is an entirely different animal.

I get that pharmaceutical companies have to factor in all the failed products, that costs many millions to create and test, when they price and market a product that gets approval. But once it is in the market, to increase the price by multiples is just pure greed and a result of a system that is seriously out of whack.

It’s further proof that we are all better served to trust our health and well-being in general to the proactive approach

It’s further proof that we are all better served to trust our health and well-being in general to the proactive approach of eating right, drinking clean water, exercise, rest, and using good supplements. The people that do so have less need to rely on the pharmaceutical/medical model in general. EpiPen is a unique situation as would be Insulin for a Type-1 Diabetic and Chemotherapy (the right chemo) for someone battling Cancer. These are life and death scenarios. This is the plus side of the pharmaceutical drug world. We are fortunate to live in an age where such advanced medicines are available. But not for stuff we can take care of ourselves.

the public is paying way too much

Drugs as a part of everyday life especially if they are because we are unwilling to do what’s necessary to be healthier, is a big part of how the system got messed up in the first place. There is no doubt in my mind that the public is paying way too much for every drug they are using. Sure, many people have insurance with prescription plans, so they might not think they are paying that much in general…but they are…they are paying for it in ever increasing health insurance premiums. One way or another, the public pays and big pharma gets richer and richer.  I am 55 years old. I use no daily medications. Is it my genetics? Well, in my immediate family and next level of my family tree there is/was high blood pressure, Cancer, anxiety issues, depression issues, allergies, arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes…so my guess is that I am not any more genetically super human than anyone else.

I just choose to work at staying healthy, to be proactive, to focus on prevention. I don’t choose it to avoid meds, I choose it because investing in taking care of yourself leads to a higher quality of life over a much longer period of time. It turns out that it’s much less expensive in terms of money and way less expensive in terms of time. How much time does not being healthy rob someone of? If you just look at something as simple as fatigue you can get a picture. Just that costs a lot in terms of lost quality of life.

To wrap up this article…it could have just been a rant but I controlled myself a bit…it comes down to trust. Don’t trust big pharma to keep you or anyone you love healthy…they can help keep you alive…but not healthy…you are in charge of that. Just some food for thought.



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