5 Tips on Why You SHOULD Talk to Your Friends and Family

The absolute best way to start your network marketing business is to talk to your friends and family.

I frequently run across people who say they want to build their business talking to everyone else other than their friends and family. Maybe they have already talked to them before about a previous network marketing business they were in and now they are embarrassed. Maybe they are scared to talk to them because they are afraid of ridicule or criticism. Maybe they think they wouldn’t be interested. Maybe they saw an online system that promoted how they cannot succeed through talking to friends and family.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, the idea of not talking to them is a flawed idea. The experience of talking to this group of people is worth it’s weight in gold. You will not likely build a big business through your friends and family. Not because they are not the right people. But because there is not enough of them! Most of your long term success will come from your extended list as well as the skills you learn to market to cultivate the rest of the world which are not in your current contact base, as this is where the principles of numbers has the biggest impact. You will be best suited to talk to the rest of the world, once you have gained the lessons and experience of talking to those closest to you. This video will help you understand what I mean.

If you need some simple and easy ways to comfortably have these conversations, it is all in my little book The Process. If you would like some coaching on how to market for the long term so that you have endless people to talk to in your career, send me a message through the “Work with me” section of this blog.

Two Lessons from a Rising Leader

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