5 Things That Grow Your Confidence

Confidence has a Major Impact on The Quality of our Lives…

The more confidence you have the better results you will have in all areas of your life that matter. This is an absolute fact.

As someone who struggled mightily with low confidence for a long time in my life, I can easily reflect on the huge cost this had in terms of lost opportunity. I don’t regret that time in my life…I am thankful for it for two distinct reasons: 1) I know deeply the price of letting self-doubt limit what someone is willing to try and for how long they will try at all 2) I can empathize with people who struggle with this which better allows me to serve them and help them through it.

You Can Grow Your Confidence but Not Over Night…

Just like anything else that you have dealt with for a long time, confidence does not simply happen because you decide it should. It takes dedication and effort, but it will absolutely change, and with it, so will your whole life. One of the things I love about network marketing and home business, in general, is that it speeds up the confidence growth curve for anyone who engages in it…and subsequently helps them in everything else too.

The 5 Things to Help You Are…

  1. Consider Your Past Learning Curve Triumphs– Confidence issues are most visible when we have to face doing something new. You have tackled and succeeded in so many things in your past that you don’t remember or acknowledge. Take some time to think of all that you can do right now that at one point you didn’t know how to do.
  2. Do Something Uncomfortable– Everyday do at least one little thing that is uncomfortable for you to do. This will show you that you will be okay and it will have a compounding effect on your confidence.
  3. Daily Personal Development/Skills Training– If you are in the home business industry, then listen, read, watch something everyday for both your mind and your skills (The Blueprint Process Training does both). If you aren’t in the home business industry, I suggest you start with 15 minutes a day of reading or listening to personal development materials. If you need some ideas comment below.
  4. Take Action Daily on a Pursuit– If you aren’t pursuing something of your own, then I suggest to start…NOWish…it’s hugely important for helping you feel whole. You have something on your heart to do. Everyone does. Not doing it feeds the bad self- image side….you have to do it. Even if you only start 15 minutes per day.
  5. Limit Exposure to Negativity– I am a freak about this. It is just so important to keep negativity away from you as much as you can.

I know these five things will help you and anyone else you care to share with. In the video I go deeper, so take a few minutes to watch.

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Many Blessings,

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