Don’t Waste a Single Moment Worrying About This…

Do You Ever Worry About What Someone Might Think About You if You Talk to Them About Your Opportunity?

Everyone who has built ANYTHING has dealt with this.

What will they think about me? Will they think less of me? Will it change the way they think about me? Will they think I’m stupid? Will they laugh at me?

Well…the truth is, they might laugh at you. They might think you are stupid. They might think a lot of things in the moment. But in general?

People aren’t wasting their time thinking about you. They are too busy thinking about themselves.

The True Test of The Potential of a New Idea is a High Percentage of People NOT Agreeing With It!

I recently shared some statistics about companies that had to go through a lot of NOs before investors said yes. The Founders of Pandora had to go through 300….Google went through 350. Why? Because that’s how many investors didn’t think they were good ideas.

Where this worry about other’s opinion is most prevalent is the home business industry. This is absolutely one of the single biggest stumbling blocks for a new person. In many cases, this is the thing that causes someone to fail. Because they never really start. They are so afraid of what someone will think, that they don’t ask anyone if they are open to learn about it. So they don’t do the math.

All businesses that have something of value and go on to succeed, simply do the math. They make enough people aware of what they have to offer so that the people who are ready to act, can say yes. They know that way more people will say no than yes. So they move past the NOs as fast as they can, unemotionally, to get to the YES.

Think About This…

Will the people who’s opinion you worry about pay for your kids education? Will they pay your mortgage? Do they worry about how your marriage is doing? Will they jump in and help you get out of debt? Will they lend you a hand in reaching your goals?


How come? Because they are NOT thinking about you. If they are thinking about you, it is generally about what YOU could do for THEM and the things THEY worry about.

No one is going to get off a phone call with you, after they said no to you, and think about you the rest of the day. They aren’t going to lose sleep at night about you. They aren’t going to suddenly call all their friends and tell them what a crazy person you are. They are going to go on with their life as if the conversation never happened.

Now if you work the way I teach in the Process, they will wonder something….

They will wonder why you were so nice and gracious when they said No. They will wonder why you didn’t pressure them. They will think to themselves, “Did I miss something?”

This video is the very first one I ever did and posted on Youtube. It was along time ago. The lighting is terrible, the sound is so-so, the background is a mess….but the message? The message is powerful. So just for fun, and for a strong and insightful message on this topic, I encourage you to watch it, because it will absolutely help your perspective if this an issue you struggle with at all.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below and feel free to share.

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