Five Tips for Working Through Tough Times

There Will be Difficult Periods in Everything You Ever Do That is Meaningful in Life.

It’s just simply the way life works. Nothing of value just happens easily unless you get incredibly lucky, and if that happens you will then have a new kind of struggle (lack of appreciation, missing the learning, and a lot of other stuff that is worse).

In building your home business, these tough times can come in multiple ways. Yours will be unique to you, just as mine have been unique to me, but in general there will be times when….

It seems like everyone is saying no…

The people who do join you all quickly disappear

You hit plateaus where it seems like no matter how hard you work you are stuck in the same place…

Life happens to you in such a way where everything else seems to be going wrong and affects your ability to do your work…

You feel like you have lost your mojo and nothing is exciting…

It’s not a question of if these things will happen, it is simply a matter of when they will. I have been through all of them in all my ventures multiple times and I expect to go through them again.

So What Do You Do to Deal With it The Best Way?

Here are five of my go-to ways to move through that should be helpful for you as well:

Accept It– Don’t waste your energy wondering why this is happening to you. Recognize that every journey has times where you feel lost. It won’t last forever, and quitting should never be an option…after all, what else would you do, that’s of value, where this won’t happen?

Keep Going– Stopping is not an option. You won’t get any further by just taking a break. At the same time, you might have a tendency to think if you just work harder and longer you will get through it faster. This might be true, but not likely…this will just fatigue you and drain you faster. Don’t overwork. Maintain a steady, step by step pace and sooner or later something will break. It happens eventually.

Reflect– These wilderness periods I believe, are deep learning times and character builders. Study them as you go through and pull the lessons from them. They will serve you later as you continue on as a higher version of yourself, and they will help you be better able to help the people you lead when they too experience these times.

Focus on Your Vision– Building a business is a long game that leads to something much bigger. You can lose your way briefly but you have to keep the big picture in mind. Over a period of many years, these times are “blips” in the process of growth and development. As long as you keep your goals and vision in front of you, remember why you began this journey in the first place, they will help carry you through.

Appreciate the Opportunity– It’s easy to forget that you are free to choose to pursue this business. Not everyone on the planet has this choice. It is a gift to be free to work on your heart pursuit. A difficult time working on your dream is better than an easy time being in chains of suppression.

In the video I share more from my experiences and provide several more take-away nuggets for you. I believe it will be of value for you.

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Many Blessings,

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