The Cure for Instant Gratification Disease?

Could the Desire for Instant Gratification be Keeping You From Accomplishing What You Really Want?

Then you might have a touch of Instant Gratification Disease! This malady is every bit as dangerous to your happiness in life as an actual disease. The lure of the thing that feels good at the moment is so easy to fall for. Pick the topic and you can relate to what I mean. Health, work, relationships, interests, pursuits, goals…all get derailed by that quick grab of instant feel good.

It seems so innocent. That little bowl of ice cream. That TV show. Nothing wrong with these things in isolation….they don’t do much damage in the moment. That’s the illusion. We don’t see the negative result right now. But the habit of these things at the expense of the thing that will get us to our true long term desires….THAT is a steep price to pay.

I Spent Years Under the Spell of Instant Gratification.

Being someone with a low self opinion, it was way easier to self medicate to feel good than to face the fact that I needed to work through this issue and face whatever dragons were in my way. It was destroying my life in every single area that mattered. My health, my relationships, my career….. the changes started with simple little disciplines. One’s that I could do without too much pain. When a friend told me I was getting fat….a little exercise a day. 20 Minutes was the beginning. I could do 20 minutes. After a while, it became ingrained. I started to see a result. I did more.

More importantly this became an example that it worked. So I applied it to other areas. Including business. I had no skill to speak of. I am an introvert who was trying to build a business that is centered on talking to people. As my friend Diane Hochman said…I wasn’t one of those “sparkly” people…the outgoing people that I admired and thought….if I could only be like them…..

So it all started with developing a small measure of self-discipline and proving that to myself. The next key was developing what I call…

Active Patience

This concept, coupled with discipline is a game changer. It doesn’t matter what your plight, what your self-opinion, what your circumstances…you can grow your business through discipline and active patience. Here’s a little recipe for how it will work for YOU:

  1. Focus only on the task at hand. For you the network marketer, this means focus on only the small discipline of reaching out to a number of people per day. You can start small if you need to and grow your contacting muscles. Maybe you start with only three direct reaches per day. You can do this the right way by a direct message (if you aren’t sure what they means reach out to me and I will help you make this easy) in just a few minutes a day. The focus is the reach out. That’s it. NOT the result of the reach out. You do what you can control.
  2. Don’t Quit When No One Responds. Do this daily without any consideration of the result. It’s a process in general in the work, but right now the process is purely to build the discipline.
  3. Make the Time a Set Thing. To ingrain the habit, pick a time of the day you will set aside a few minutes to do this. Make it an appointment with yourself and hold to it. You are too important to let another appointment get in the way.

You will be blown away by how fast you will start to feel better and empowered. Things will begin to change within three weeks…and you will start to see some type of result. If you are bold and want to make this more…go ahead. Stretch yourself. This little concept can change everything for you.

In the video I share Four Ingredients that will keep you centered as you go forward. It would be helpful for you to watch it and write these four down and keep them in front of you.

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Many Blessings,

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