5 Things That Position You to Lead in Network Marketing

You Can Not Force Someone to Follow You in Network Marketing

It is the ultimate lead by attraction and serving industry. Unlike authority based organizational structures which have formal consequences for not obeying the person in authority over you, network marketing is purely a volunteer business. No person has the right to tell another person what to do. In order to have people listen to and follow you, you must earn this scenario.

Your check size and your title might place you in a position where people would consider listening to you, but since they do not HAVE to follow you, they will only do so if they believe it is in their best interest to do so, and they believe you have their best interest at heart.

One of The Primary Reasons People Do Network Marketing is for Freedom…

Structure is helpful and important for most people, but control is not very welcomed. Consider this…people who are in the work to earn an extra $300-500 per month want it to be enjoyable and fun too…control and pressure are not either of these things and they will rebel against it. People who have bigger goals are trying to live life on their own terms. So control and pressure will not work long term with these people either. Since there is no situation, other than some form of manipulation where people HAVE to follow you, it’s important to understand….

How to Work in Such a Way That People WANT to Follow You

There are 5 basic things that will create a relationship where your leadership is welcomed:

  1. Demonstrate Effectiveness in the Core Competencies of the Work- These are the basic fundamentals that build the business.
  2. Know Your Company and Be a Resource- You do not need to know everything. You do need to know where everything can be found.
  3. Demonstrate Integrity and Authenticity- Be real. Be honest. Do not try to be perfect.
  4. Be Responsive and Available- They need to be able to count on your support.
  5. Set The Example- Be a product of your product, treat people well, and demonstrate the proper work ethic.

These five things will absolutely create a foundation where you begin to earn the trust of the people in your team. They will put you on the path to leadership. This isn’t all there is of course. Leadership is a huge topic and as you grow up an organization there are many other aspects and situations that will demand higher levels of leadership. But you have to start with the basics. The book Leading With Heart will serve you very well in growing your leadership as it teaches you all the fundamentals and some higher principles.

I go into much more detail in the video on the five things so make sure to watch it and share.

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