What Do You Do When Someone is Prospecting Your Prospect?

Have you ever had someone pursuing the same prospect as you at the same time?

This happens in every business on the planet, so you would certainly expect it to happen in your home business. Most of what I share here and in the video applies to EVERYTHING.  So how do you handle it when someone is prospecting your prospect in network marketing?

So…this is going to happen a few different ways…there will be times when someone from your company is going after your prospect, and there will be times someone from another company, and there will be times when it’s your upline or downline.

When someone is prospecting your prospect in network marketing….

Here is the Key Thing Not to Do

Do NOT talk poorly about the other person in any way. This makes you look bad, your company look bad,  and the industry look bad. Do not engage in any sort of comparison either…that’s like defending yourself and that is not how you want to behave.

Here are Two Key Things To Do

In the video, I share a really fun and cool story, and I also go way deeper into what to do and not to do, but for now I will give you the two best things to do.

The first is to make sure you tell your story in a way that highlights the points of difference of your company, and include what really pulls on your heart about the work. This will be very attractive to the prospect.

The second thing is a quote from Steve Martin…”Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

You want the people who want to work with you. Not someone you have to convince to work with you. Some people just won’t be for you, and others wouldn’t work with anyone else once they get to know you. So make sure you behave the way I teach, and you will sponsor the people that you should sponsor. Watch the video though…because I give you way more in it on this topic.

Was this helpful? Fell free to share with your teams and comment below.

Many Blessings,

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