5 Leadership Trust Breakers to Avoid

The great thing about home business and network marketing is that anyone can do it.

I just love this. It only takes heart and willingness to work and anyone can work their way up from any circumstance. I heard this at a conference recently “Somewhere somebody dumber than you and uglier than you is doing more than you.” This was meant to be funny…and it is, yet it is a profound truth when you think about it in an expansive way.

It’s really saying someone with a much harder path (and you can pick all the ways it could be hard) than you is succeeding anyway. So back to the premise of this article about leadership trust breakers. Yes, anyone can do the work to grow the business, but it takes a desire to develop as a leader to create a business that will last for decades.

All businesses go through ups and downs, and so will your network marketing business. Without solid relationships, when the business is in a challenging cycle, people will leave. This is why growing your leadership is so important. I have taught leadership in every venue imaginable over the years. It is a sweet spot for me.

I have seen first hand the power of good leadership and the chaos of poor leadership. You want to position yourself from the first interaction with people that join your team as someone they can trust and follow.

Leadership is Purely Through Influence

Your teams will choose to follow you if you have influence with them. Influence comes from credibility and this is directly powered by trust. The deeper the trust the better you can lead and serve others. Always keep in mind that people leave or stay in most things in life based on the people they are connected to, not products, services, compensation plans, or companies.

There are a plethora of ways to break trust with your teams. Many times a trust is broken without meaning to. In this video I will give you deeper insight into this extremely important topic.

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