4 Tips for Handling No-Shows in Network Marketing

Have you ever had a prospect not show up for a meeting? Of course you have! If you have been working your network marketing business for any length of time you have had plenty of no-shows. You’ve had no-shows for one-on-ones, phone appointments, webinars, conference calls, in-home meetings, and bigger meetings. It happens all the time. It doesn’t matter how […]

Remove This Option To Succeed In Your Home Business

One of the primary reasons traditional entrepreneurs fail is that they cannot sustain their business long enough to become profitable. It’s usually not an issue of having a good product or service, it is an issue of cash flow. This is not a problem in home business and network marketing, unless the entrepreneur makes it […]

A Key Ingredient for Lasting Success in Your Home Business

How would you like to have “Perpetual Prosperity?” Perpetual prosperity is when you create a business that continues to flourish in the long run. A business that weathers the storms of changing times and difficulties. This is really what it’s all about isn’t it? At least that’s my perspective and I believe what everyone wants […]

Two Proactive Questions Successful People Ask Themselves

Proactivity is at the heart of all successes in life and reactivity leads to the opposite. If you think about the entirety of your life, you will see that wherever you are functioning in a high degree of reaction, you are probably not having much fun. Unexpected things happen all the time in life that […]

Don’t Dump the Tackle Box on Them, Your Prospect Only Needs the Information They Care About

When I am really hungry, the worst thing you can do is hand me a giant menu with a whole bunch of choices on it. I will just glaze over. This is exactly what happens to a prospect when they get information bombed. It is a normal mistake to make too. You are talking to […]

The Four Areas Where Prejudging Hurts Your Business

Do you ever make assumptions about people in your business? I call this prejudging. Prejudging is when we think we know how someone will respond, or we think we know what’s important to them. I have been around this work for 28 years and one thing I can tell you for certain, is that most […]

Let’s All Be Good Stewards of Our Great Industry

Have you ever had someone hype you? How about pressure you? Even worse, have you ever had someone shame you? Or have you seen someone shame someone else? In case you aren’t certain of what I mean by shaming, this is when you make someone feel bad about the decisions they make. One of the […]

Two Things That Create Positive Change in Your Life

Everyone would like to create positive change in their life. You certainly do or you wouldn’t be reading this and you wouldn’t be actively building a business. The challenge for us human beings is we frequently over think stuff. We complicate it way more than we need to. It’s important to remind ourselves that there […]

Remember This Important Thing During a Dry Spell

Have you ever had a dry spell? You know what I mean, that period when it seems like nothing is working. When no one is saying yes. This is when you really start to question yourself isn’t it? Maybe I can’t do it! It’s not going to work for me. Nobody is interested. And I’m […]

A Valuable Lesson on Serving Your People Through Personal Crisis

How effective are you in working your business when facing a personal crisis? Life happens to everyone. We are going along doing what we do, and then BOOM, something major happens. This happens to you, it happens to me, and it happens to the people that are working in your team. When something significant happens, that has […]