Don’t Waste a Single Moment Worrying About This…

Do You Ever Worry About What Someone Might Think About You if You Talk to Them About Your Opportunity? Everyone who has built ANYTHING has dealt with this. What will they think about me? Will they think less of me? Will it change the way they think about me? Will they think I’m stupid? Will […]

A Valuable Lesson on Serving Your People Through Personal Crisis

How Effective are You in Working Your Business When Facing a Personal Crisis? Life happens to everyone. We are going along doing what we do, and then BOOM, something major happens. This happens to you, it happens to me, and it happens to the people that are working in your team. When something significant happens, that has […]

The Truth of the Seeds in Building Your Business

There is no way to know exactly what to expect in life. That’s what makes it interesting isn’t it? So, when it comes to working your business and looking for new people to build your team with, it makes sense that you won’t know exactly what to expect from anyone you talk to. It is […]

How Your Disadvantage is Actually Your Advantage

What do All These Famous People Have in Common? Thomas Edison, Jennifer Aniston, Charles Schwab, Nikola Tesla, Stephen Spielberg, Jules Verne, Pablo Picasso, Steve Jobs, Anthony Hopkins, and Alexander Graham Bell. They all have (had) dyslexia. And by the way, this is a tiny portion of the list of people of note, who have dealt […]

You Cannot Fail When You Follow This…

Did I Just Give You Some Sort of Success Guarantee? Sort of and not really. There is nothing guaranteed in life except death. However…there is a guaranteed way to live a better life. In fact there are multiple things that if you simply do consistently will guarantee a better more successful life. But I can’t […]

If a Butterfly Can Do THIS, Imagine What You Can Do

Who Will You Impact Today…and How? One thing is certain. You are going to be making some kind of impact every moment you interact with someone in your day to day life. This is a significant revelation because it brings to light our responsibility for our actions and our words. Will we brighten someone’s day? […]

THAT Feeling is an Opportunity for Growth

You Are About to Do Something and Then The Feeling Starts Creeping in… Anxiety, butterflies as big as an eagle, your palms get sweaty. You are clearly afraid. Of something…. Every human being on the planet earth knows this feeling. It is part of our very survival instinct. The problem is… Most of Us Are […]

Every Touch Matters

From the Very First Moment Someone Becomes Aware of You, They Begin to Assess How You Make Them Feel. This is true in every facet of life, and extremely important to recognize in business. The focus of this article is the impact and value of each touch when you are working The Process Every business […]

Staying With People in Leadership

Everyone Learns at Their Own Pace. Depending on what type of organization you are leading, that pace will vary greatly. In a corporate setting, you typically have a very structured path to learn the job, and someone is in the learning phase eight hours per day as part of onboarding. In the process of this […]

How to Quickly Resolve Conflict

Differences of Opinion are Part of Life… Conflict is a choice. If you find that you are in conflict with others on a regular basis, I have some news for you…and you may not like it…there is a good chance the issue is not others. I once heard it said that “if everyone is having […]