Two Proactive Questions Successful People Ask Themselves

Proactivity is At The Heart of All Successes in Life and Reactivity Leads to The Opposite.

If you think about the entirety of your life, you will see that wherever you are functioning in a high degree of reaction, you are probably not having much fun. Unexpected things happen all the time in life that cause us to have to react. This is to be expected. This is not the type of reactive mode I am talking about here.

Neglect, procrastination, poor planning, poor choices, lack of priorities, and unclear core values are all major drivers of the kind of reaction you want to avoid. The reaction based around crisis because things are breaking down. The end result is overwhelm, frustration, disappointment, and eventually hopelessness, in addition to poor results. This could be health, relationships, and business, because the approach is the same, the result will be the same.

Successful People Flip This Script.

They choose to be proactive and use this as a blanket principle that lays over all areas of priority in life. Notice I said successful people…not successful people in BUSINESS. I make this distinction because you can be successful in your business and unsuccessful in life. Although in many cases, an unsuccessful life will ultimately derail a successful business. Anyway, the bottom line, is that being proactive, in all areas of priorities is what leads to across the board success.

One of the cornerstones of a proactive approach to life and work is to plan. Planning is a key proactive skill. As part of a smart planning approach, it’s important to ask yourself two important questions. These two questions can be asked for all priorities, including and specifically for your business.

The first question to be asked of self is: What steps will I take today to move forward in……?

The second question is asked at the end of the day: What steps did I take? 

This might seem elementary to you, but that is the beauty of it. many of the most effective things in life are elementary. Decide the steps to take, take the steps, review the steps you took…repeat the next day. As simple as that seems, I promise if you do this daily in the things that matter, you will see progress everywhere. I give you a little more in depth, including what should be in your business steps in the video.

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