Is THIS Keeping You From Success?

Guess What Keeps You From Really Turning it On and Accomplishing What You Are Capable of? How truly comfortable you already are. You might immediately take issue with what I just said. You might think…”Hey Todd, I’m not comfortable!” Then you likely think about all the stuff you aren’t happy with in life…. I get […]

Keeping Your Perspective When Pursuing Your Goals

It’s Easy To Lose Perspective and Become Discouraged When You Are Pursuing a Meaningful Goal. Social Media is awash in stories of people that talk about how they used some magic system or program and overnight all their dreams came true. This does so much harm. For the naïve, it results in getting sucked in […]

Four Things That Draw People to Your Cause

Do You Want to Attract the Right People for Your Cause or Business? Or perhaps you are in my shoes, where your “Cause” and Your work are centered around the same thing. Whether it is or it isn’t, the most important thing to grasp is that people are drawn to people, before anything else. In […]

How to Best Use Video Presentations to Build Your Business

The More People That See Your Presentation, The More Success You Will Have. It’s as simple as this. But I have to add…The PROPER WAY. It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway because there are a lot of people who don’t understand this yet, sending a video presentation to someone who […]

When Each of Us Take Care of Our Industry Environment All of Us Win

How Often Do You Talk to Someone Who Has a Bad Impression of The Home Business Industry? Guess where that comes from? In some cases it is simply ignorance of the truth, but more often than not, this is a product of bad business practices in the industry that have affected someone’s perspective. To put […]

Two Key Success Nuggets for Leading with The Product

Do you or some of your team like leading with your product to build your business? Before, I go further, this is not going to be an article about leading with the product versus leading with the business. They both work. No debate necessary. This is an article about two crucial things you have to […]

7 Signs You are on The Right Track

You can’t always see that you are on the right track can you? Sometimes it feels like you are working hard and nothing seems to be happening. I know how this feels. In 28 years of this work, I have had many times where things just didn’t feel like they were moving. No one was […]

The Tiny Difference Between Success and Failure

Do You Ever Wonder Why Certain People Seem to Always Succeed and Others Never Seem To? I’ll never forget one of the first times I saw Jim Rohn speak (I was fortunate to see him several times and have dinner with him once). He said we should study success people and we should also study […]

How Much Should You Follow Up?

Have you ever struggled with following up? Perhaps you were afraid the prospect would feel like you were pressuring them. Or maybe you were afraid they would tell you no. Or it was too soon to follow up yet. Or that you would get a question you couldn’t answer. It could be that you have […]

If You Think You’ve Talked to Everyone You Know…

Do You Feel Like You’ve Talked to All Your Friends Already? And now you are trying to figure out how to find more people to talk to about your products and opportunity? I remember this feeling. Initially my list was 38 people way back in 1989 when I started. I sponsored two people from those […]