5 Tips to Be a Phenomenal Listener

Listening is the Single Best Skill Anyone Can Develop for Success in Anything Long Term Involving People. I recognize that I used the word skill. Not everyone realizes that this is the truth. Many people think hearing and listening are the same thing. It is true that they both involve the ears, but that is […]

The Ultimate Way to Professionally Network for Referrals

How Would You Like to Become a Master at Developing New Contacts, Generating High Quality Referrals, and Gaining More Business? This approach will work for ANY business. You can grow anything, anywhere, if you are diligent, invest the time, and do this the right way. The first thing to recognize is what YOU bring to […]

What NOT to Do on Social Media for Network Marketing

Do You Want to Use Social Media in Building Your Business? Then  it’s important to know what not to do almost as much as it’s important to know what to do. Even if social media is not a huge part of your strategy, you certainly don’t want to have it take away from your ability […]

5 Ways Social Media Helps You Build Your Business

If you Look at the Growth Curves of E-commerce and Social Media You Will See An Obvious Correlation. The growth of social media has continued to drive the growth of ecommerce. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. People are on social media, they are having conversations, recommendations are made, and a few […]

Why Some Network Marketing Leaders Don’t Like Social Media

Should You be Using Social Media to Build Your Network Marketing Business? Depending on who you ask among industry leaders, you might get an emphatic yes or an emphatic no. But you will probably not get a lukewarm answer. I’ve been in the network marketing industry for 29 years, 28 years of which have been […]

Five Tips for Working Through Tough Times

There Will be Difficult Periods in Everything You Ever Do That is Meaningful in Life. It’s just simply the way life works. Nothing of value just happens easily unless you get incredibly lucky, and if that happens you will then have a new kind of struggle (lack of appreciation, missing the learning, and a lot […]

This Single Decision Leads to Success in Anything

Do You Ever Have Days When You Just Don’t Feel Like it? You can apply this to anything…going to the gym, going to your job, doing something for someone you love, and working at your home business. We all have days and times, when we just DO NOT FEEL LIKE doing….whatever it is that’s important. […]

Mindset Nuggets for Awesome Follow up

With Few Exceptions, Success in the Long Run is Directly Connected to Excellence in Follow Up I have no idea who said it but it is absolutely true that the “fortune is in the follow up.” I know it has been the main thing for me and most of the people I know in any […]

The Easy Way to Make Your One on One’s Awesome

How Would You Like Your One-on One Presentations to Be Massively Effective Almost Every time? Maybe you are thinking why almost? Why not EVERY time? Because some people are just…..and you don’t control that. But you CAN do this incredibly simple and super effective thing. But first, let me address a HUGE MISTAKE a lot […]

This Could Be The Most Important Thing Anyone Could Know…

Do You Want to Do Better in Life? Then here is a very important thing I have learned as I’ve gotten older… None of us really know very much. Sure we have knowledge and experience, and there are some topics we know more about than others in general. For example, in my case, I know […]