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Who is Todd Burrier?

I’m an everyday guy who started in the network marketing industry 28 years ago. I started from humble beginnings, which I’ll share more deeply with you in a bit, and built a world-wide organization that has afforded me a great lifestyle for the past 21 years. I’m husband to the girl of my dreams and the father of two great young adults, in addition to being a dog lover, a fisherman, a fitness enthusiast, a voracious reader, and a lousy golfer.

This industry helped me uncover my love of teaching, and I am deeply committed to helping people achieve their goals of creating a lasting income stream. My specialty is the people side of the work.

You Will Never Hear Me Tell You That it’s an Easy Breezy Ride.

But it is worth it. How I can  serve you:
• Developing yourself into the best YOU possible
• Becoming a master in the key areas of the work
• Developing people skills that allow you to really connect and grow strong relationships
• Bringing out your inner leader
• Increasing your efficiency and productivity in your business

You Can Succeed With the Style You Will Learn

How can I say this for certain?

Now for the deeper insight on how I got here. I came to the industry as an introvert, with no money and a poverty mind-set, a non-confrontational personality, no sales skills, and zero credibility. In fact, prior to getting involved in network marketing I took several sales aptitude tests in pursuit of jobs I believed would offer me the opportunity to make a lot of money, even though the thought of doing sales made me sick to my stomach. Since I failed all the tests, and was told quite directly “you are not cut out for sales,” I didn’t get the chance to find out if I could muster the hutzpah to do it. All the personality tests I took later in life, both as part of my MBA program and through training and development confirmed that my number one fear in interaction with people is rejection.

So how in the world did I end up here?

After making my way through college as a Bartender and continuing that over the next three years, I ended up in real estate banking. Twice over a four year period, problems in the company caused my job to disappear. The second time it happened, I was married and we were expecting our first child.

I’ll never forget the horrible gut -wrenching feeling to this day. It was devastating, yet ultimately it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. This single event lit a fire in me. I was determined to figure out a way to never be in the situation again where some issue completely out of my control could render me with no income.

I was on a Quest for Freedom

So I began searching for a way to create this freedom. I scoured the “want ads” and found mostly sales jobs as a possible answer. Not having a sales mentality, I didn’t see that as an option. The idea of starting my own business never occurred to me, nor did I have the money even if it had! I answered a crazy ad in the newspaper and ended up in a network marketing meeting. It wasn’t the first time I had ever heard about network marketing, but it was definitely the first time I really grasped what the possibility was. I pulled out my credit card and got started.

It was a Tough Beginning….

Just making contacts was so far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t even look back and see my comfort zone! My friends and family were not very kind in their opinions about my new venture. I felt like quitting every day…but I didn’t.

Looking back its clear now, that I wanted freedom more than I wanted other people’s approval. So I just put my head down and worked at it. I went to all the events. I made calls every moment I could. Anything you can think of to make a contact…I did. After a while I began to have some success. And then the company had some problems and my income crashed. It didn’t go completely away, but it went far below what we needed as a family. That coupled with some very poor financial decisions landed me in bankruptcy in the mid-90s.

I Started Again…

I grew up a lot in those years. Every struggle, every challenge, and every sliver of personal development material I consumed began to shape me. I had fallen in love with the true ideal of this great way of living and working…help others to help themselves and you will be rewarded.

I developed a style of working that anyone could do. Based on kindness, honesty, respect, and of course efficient diligence. Then I found an opportunity that fit my core values and my business took off. I became a top earner in that company and it led to an abundance of opportunities to teach and train not just in my network marketing business but it also provided a platform for teaching Corporations the ins and outs of effective leadership and people development.

I Know Deeply What This Can Mean for You…

I have enjoyed the fruits of this lifestyle for two decades now. And now I’m driven by helping others accomplish the same thing. You will learn things through me that will help you successfully build your business whether you work online or offline. Of equal, if not more importance, the concepts, principles, and fundamentals I share will help you in all corners of your life. You can do this. You don’t need to be like anyone else. And I will help you in the journey.

Many Blessings,
Todd Burrier
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