I started my home business journey in late May of 1989. It blows my mind when I stop to look back. How could it have been so long ago? If you had told me when I came out of college that I would have a career in network marketing, I would have looked at you like you had two heads. Well, first I would have said “what’s that?” And then after you told me, I would have looked at you like you had two heads!

The idea that I would be an entrepreneur? That I would be in a business where it was all about communicating and building relationships with people? Shy me? The guy with little self-esteem and zero discipline and a history of quitting everything? The guy who grew up putting electrical tape on his Chuck Taylors to cover the holes in them? No way!

If you would have gone further and said “not only will you have a career in the industry, but you will lead people and teach people. You will address crowds into the thousands at a time.” Me? The guy who is so afraid to speak in front of people that he begged the Dean of his Economics Department in College to let him take extra English classes so he didn’t have to take Public Speaking? The guy who is a true and proven lemming? The guy who is afraid to speak up to anyone and stand up for himself? I would no longer have been looking at your two heads, because at that point I would have been rolling on the ground laughing until I cried!

It’s funny how life works out sometimes isn’t it? So how did I get here? I’ll give you the short version. After college, having little ambition at the time, I continued to work as a bartender because it was fun. After some years of that, it was time to get a “real job” (as my Mother called it) and I ended up in the real estate banking industry.

I was laid off twice in a four year period because of economic problems that wiped out my job. The first time hurt of course, but I was single at the time and it wasn’t hard to make my next move. The second time was devastating. It was January of 1989, I was married and we were pregnant (yes, the man is “pregnant” too:-), and I was working hard to build a life for my new family and WHAM! Out of the blue my boss welcomes me to the office that fateful morning with the news that our loan business was OUT of business. It was terrible, gut-wrenching, and just awful. I will never forget that intense shock and fear. AND I could not be more thankful that it happened! Not an uncommon thing in everyone’s life by the way…the change we think is awful leads to something we find that’s wonderful…

I would have probably stayed in banking forever. Not because I loved it, but I just don’t think that small thinking version of me could have imagined there was a better way. But I didn’t have that choice, so I was searching for a way to have FREEDOM. I didn’t ever want to be in a position where someone take away my income again. So 5 months later I am in a network marketing meeting, and that was the beginning of massive life change. I bought my starter kit and my inventory of skin care and I was going to make my fortune and I was going to do it fast!

Then I had to make my first phone call. Man was that hard! Prospecting for me was an incredibly far step out of my comfort zone…it was another universe from my comfort zone! My family told me how dumb I was and that I was a dreamer. My friends had fun with it too….”Oh, Look at Todd, he’s the “Avon Guy” or the “Mary Kay Boy.” But I wanted freedom more than I wanted the approval of my friends and family. So I stuck with it.

I made a lot of mistakes, struggled a lot, even went bankrupt in the mid-90’s, but eventually I developed a simple way to work and then continued to develop myself, my ability to lead, and the rest as they say, is history!

The business of network marketing has allowed me to live a life I never would have dreamed possible in my youth. I’ve traveled the world many times over, spent more time with my children than most parents do in three lifetimes, and you can find me in bare feet 95% of the time. Of course it hasn’t always been easy, nothing of value is. But it has been an amazing blessing. Besides the cool lifestyle it has afforded, it helped me to discover many things about myself. One of the discoveries is my passion for teaching, coaching and mentoring. I just love to help people do better.

I absolutely LOVE to teach people about how to succeed in this great and growing industry. I can do this all day and it feels like it’s only been a few hours to me. Because the possibility that maybe someone in a crowd, or that I am coaching, or that studies one of my courses, could take even one nugget of something I teach, and it could help to change their life, the lives of their family, the lives of those their friends, and the lives of their families, and on and on, is so fulfilling that it’s difficult to put into words. I have never figured out a better way to feel good than giving of myself to help serve someone else. The Proverb says it all “He who waters, will himself be watered.”(Prov. 11:25)

My commitment to you is to show up. I am dedicated to serving the expansion of the home business industry and teaching everyday people like me how they can achieve an extraordinary lifestyle. I teach practical stuff that is steeped in treating people with kindness, honesty, and respect and wrapped around the values of family, relationships, and community. I can help anyone succeed. And I do it by helping them use their own unique blend of talents and abilities. My focus is always helping you be the best YOU possible because I already know that is plenty good enough for you to achieve whatever you want.

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