Do You Want to Be and Do Better?

The first question of course would be better at, or in, what? That is a very personal thing. My purpose is to help people to help themselves. I teach fundamentals and principles that I live daily and have worked exceptionally well over the past 30 years.

My focus is on helping you to have a richer more fulfilling life and to provide insights and guidance to help you be more successful in the things that are most important to you.

You Will Receive Content That Helps You with Relationships, Career, Business and Management, Leadership, and Home Business.

I Coach and mentor corporate executive, home business people, and small business owners. I also do quite a bit of leadership and management training for corporations, and have built international direct sales organizations.

A Little Background…

I am definitely what you would call an “everyday guy.” I’m a natural introvert who grew up with little money and terribly low self-esteem. I got less than average grades in high school, got lost in the partying world for a decade, barely got into college and only made it through that because I discovered economics which for some reason made sense to me.

After putting myself through college as a waiter and bartender, I emerged with an Economics degree and no ambition. I spent the next three years tending bar and then got into banking. During a tumultuous next four years which included going through 2 job losses and meeting the girl of my dreams (Melanie, who I have now been married to for 30 years, and have two awesome adult children with), ended up starting a home business in the direct sales and networking industry.

This exposed me to personal development. Over the next several years I poured myself into reading, studying, and acting on what I was learning.
It was a hard road for me business wise as I had many ups and downs and went through a complete personal financial melt-down. But the lessons and learning were great.

Through this process I uncovered my love for teaching and helping people. As I grew as a person, my success in business grew with me. I went back to school and received my MBA at the same time that the requests for me to speak and train leadership and people skills for corporations increased dramatically.
At one point there were so many requests, I had to back off because I still led a large sales organization of my own, and was deeply committed to my family.

I Don’t Believe in Sacrificing Health or Relationships for Money.

I have seen too many people get this wrong. I was messing this up when I first started in business. Trust me when I say, if you know how to get this right, it leads to a rich and successful life in the areas that matter most. It’s one of the platforms that I teach and coach, and it’s been pretty cool to see so many lives changed dramatically for the better over the years.

I Have Now Been Teaching and Helping People over 25 years.

I only share concepts and ideas that work. I know that nothing is for everyone and everything is for someone. Depending on what matters to you and what you are doing in life, some of my articles and videos will be spot on for you, and others won’t be as relevant.

In other words, if you are a direct sales or network marketer, you may not be so interested in something I share that is targeted to a corporate leadership topic, and vice versa. I would suggest though, that everything I teach has principles that apply across every aspect business and life, so even if the topic is not up your alley, the content may still be of value for you.

I believe in kindness, honesty, and respect as platform behaviors. I believe that it is a fact that if you help enough people, you will do just fine. And I believe there is nothing more important than self-care and relationships. Just so you know.

I am always open to suggestions and responsive to questions. I don’t believe in hype and I don’t teach any gimmicky stuff…just the stuff that is not taught in school that makes the biggest difference in living a successful life.


Many Blessings,
Todd Burrier
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