You Have to Be a CEEO to Be an Awesome Leader

This is Not a Typo. I meant to add the extra E. Most everyone is familiar with the CEO acronym right? The Chief Executive Officer is the Leader of a company typically. Or at the very least they are in the top leadership position, so we certainly hope, for the sake of the organization in […]

So Thankful, So Grateful, So Hopeful

Today is Thanksgiving Day in The USA. This is a day that celebrates the harvest and all the blessings of the past year. Anyone who is living in a developed nation has so many things to be grateful for, it would take a long time to list them all. I look at my blessings from […]

Capitalism Gone Wrong

I Believe in Entrepreneurialism. I’m thankful that I live in one a country where the people are free to pursue their dreams. Where anyone can wake up in the morning and begin fresh. Creatively take a shot. Aspire to be all they can be. When we are THIS blessed, I can’t imagine NOT pursuing the desires of your heart. […]

SERVE your Customers

This is from my book The Process (Die Methode) and is applicable and modifiable to all businesses. Once someone makes the decision to accept your offer, it becomes time for you to shine by serving them. Many businesses look at this stage of the process as the “close.” There is nothing closing about this. This is […]