Four Things That Draw People to Your Cause

Do You Want to Attract the Right People for Your Cause or Business? Or perhaps you are in my shoes, where your “Cause” and Your work are centered around the same thing. Whether it is or it isn’t, the most important thing to grasp is that people are drawn to people, before anything else. In […]

THE Skill to Develop to Be the Best Leader You Can Be

Do You Want to Be the Best Leader you Can Possibly Be? I recently met with a sharp young man who had been employed under the same supervisor for the past eight years. In that time he has been given ZERO leadership responsibilities. Yet, in the past year, on the side, this young man had […]

A Great Resource for Helping You Overcome Obstacles

If you struggle at all with obstacles, this outstanding book will help you. Books like the one I am reviewing today, have been my mentors for the past 28 years. I struggled for the first half of my life with terrible self-esteem, low self-belief, and the feeling that my introversion and other obstacles were why […]

5 Leadership Trust Breakers to Avoid

The great thing about home business and network marketing is that anyone can do it. I just love this. It only takes heart and willingness to work and anyone can work their way up from any circumstance. I heard this at a conference recently “Somewhere somebody dumber than you and uglier than you is doing […]

Two Lessons from a Rising Leader

Recently I was mentoring a strong leader who is a rising star in her company. She is highly skilled in many facets of the business and on this occasion we were working together on a specific area where she knows she needs to improve. We worked together for an hour or so. Within a few days she […]

Finding the Sweet Spot of Trust

The most valuable thing we have in life besides our own well-being is our relationships. The single thing that drives the depth of those relationships we value is trust. The deeper the trust, the stronger the relationship. This is true in our personal relationships and our business relationships. Trust can be a delicate and fickle […]

More Nuggets from Jim Rohn

These are all Wisdoms  Realtive to Leadership Leaders, whether in the family, in business, in government, or in education, must not allow themselves to mistake intentions for accomplishments. Managers help people to see themselves as they are. Leaders help people to see themselves better than they are. Leaders must not be naive. I used to […]


“Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul. Everyone needs it and they perform better when they get it.”-John Maxwell

Budget Issues are Leadership Issues

If you’re Blaming, you’re not Leading. Everyone is in an uproar because the deadline for across the board spending cuts in the U.S. Government budget is upon us. And what is the so-called leadership doing? Blaming. Which is apparently what they do very well… We have a significant lack of leadership  in the country right […]

Integrity Nuggets from Bill Russell

“Integrity is assuredly not an easy thing to define because it is so individual at its core, yet it is perhaps the single most essential quality needed by a leader. Integrity is about the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that go into how we make decisions, how we conduct ourselves in our day-to-day lives, who we […]