Three Big Ways Money Hype Hurts You and The Industry

To say that I am not a fan of money hype would be a huge understatement. I’m not a fan of hype in general. But money hype? I abhor it. Disdain it. Loathe it. I believe you get the point. Does that mean that the ability to earn income and potentially a lot of it isn’t […]

5 Crucial Planning Tips for Building Your Business

One of the simplest yet single most important disciplines you can develop is planning. Yet, over the years, as I have taught leadership and management skills to corporations, I consistently found that more people don’t plan than do. I’m not referring to planning inside of the job or workplace. Most companies incorporate some measure of planning into their […]

Do You Ever Struggle with Scarcity Thinking?

Scarcity thinking is an emotional wrecking ball. It will absolutely take the wind out of your sails and have a negative impact on your energy in building your business. So what is scarcity thinking? It’s the basic premise that if someone else gets something, there is less for you. I struggled with this quite a […]

How Much Should You Follow Up?

Have you ever struggled with following up? Perhaps you were afraid the prospect would feel like you were pressuring them. Or maybe you were afraid they would tell you no. Or it was too soon to follow up yet. Or that you would get a question you couldn’t answer. It could be that you have […]

3 Tips for Creating a Community for Your Network

Creating a strong community for your organization is one of the most important things you can do as your business grows. Always remember that people in general are loyal to people. Not products. Not money. The community component of your work is vital and as my mentor Ray Higdon says it’s “retention steroids.” In fact, […]

The Truth of the Seeds in Building Your Business

There is no way to know exactly what to expect in life. That’s what makes it interesting isn’t it? So, when it comes to working your business and looking for new people to build your team with, it makes sense that you won’t know exactly what to expect from anyone you talk to. It is […]

A Valuable Lesson From Children for Prospecting

If we pay attention, children can teach us a lot about success principles. Young children don’t naturally believe they cannot do something. They just try and try and try until they do it. This is exactly how you learned how to do many of the things you can now do. As you and I got […]

A Fishing Example for Getting Ahead in Your Business

I am a fan of competing with self as opposed to trying to be better than someone else. This is how I believe in working to build a business. Don’t spend time looking at what other’s are doing. Do what you can do, the best you can do, for as long as you can, each […]

Two Huge Tips on How to Keep Your Focus on What Really Matters

I would be willing to bet that there are times when you feel a bit overwhelmed. Am I right? Here you are managing all the things that go with a busy and well-lived life. You have a full time endeavor of some sort, whether you work a job, own a business, or…the toughest and most demanding…are […]

How Top Producers Happen

How do top producers become top producers? Do you ever wonder about this? Do you ever look at the various people who are successful in your company and in the industry and think to yourself how did they do it? Even if you aren’t focused on being a top producer you’ve probably thought about this. […]