THE Skill to Develop to Be the Best Leader You Can Be

Do You Want to Be the Best Leader you Can Possibly Be? I recently met with a sharp young man who had been employed under the same supervisor for the past eight years. In that time he has been given ZERO leadership responsibilities. Yet, in the past year, on the side, this young man had […]

Three Crucial Personal Development Tools to Pave Your Road to Success

How Would You Like to Guarantee that You Become a Person Who is Capable of Succeeding? One of the greatest leaders in history, Ghandi, said “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve the world’s problems.” This is a powerful and very applicable truth. So why […]

5 Huge Trust Builders for Leadership

Would you like to have a solid leadership platform where people love to work in your team? Yesterday, I gave you Manchester Consulting’s 5 Biggest Trust Breakers in leadership. They are really important to be aware of so if you didn’t see that video make sure you go back and watch it because it will […]

5 Things That Position You to Lead in Network Marketing

You Can Not Force Someone to Follow You in Network Marketing It is the ultimate lead by attraction and serving industry. Unlike authority based organizational structures which have formal consequences for not obeying the person in authority over you, network marketing is purely a volunteer business. No person has the right to tell another person […]

All Leaders Have to Understand this One Thing

Do You Know WHY People Join Your Organization? This question and topic apply to anyone in a leadership position, in any type of organization. Most of my blogs are geared towards the home business space because I am passionate about helping this important economic sector and the people who work in it. However, when I […]

How This Engine Magnifies Your Opportunity to Lead

You are Only Truly Leading if People Want to Follow You. If an adult has to follow you, but doesn’t want to, then you are simply exercising authority…not leadership. In network marketing there is no situation where someone has to follow you…they only follow if they want to…and they will only do this is they […]

The Light House Concept for Leadership

Do You Truly Want to Make a Difference With Your Leadership? Then this concept will help you. Leadership is a responsibility. The more people you lead the greater the responsibility. You might be thinking…of course…the bigger the organization is the more responsibility the leader has. This is true from a practical standpoint as the leader […]

Leading By Example

What Does it Really Mean to Lead by Example? It’s sort of cliché to hear people talk about leading by example. But the truth of the matter is that it’s a big deal in leadership. The question is what does it mean for you and the organization you are leading or intending to lead? I […]

An Under Appreciated Trait That Magnifies Your Ability to Lead

Do You Want to Develop a Magnetic Leadership Style? We are all leading someone whether we acknowledge it or not. In growing your business, and this is true for any business, and particularly true for any organization that is volunteer based (network marketing, direct sales, independent contractors) you are cultivating a leadership position from day […]

Are You Duplicable?

Duplication is such an important part of building a big business. If your goal is to make a few hundred dollars per month and enjoy the community of networking and the personal growth and the joy of improving someone’s life through your products or service, then you do not need to worry about duplication. You […]