Three Crucial Personal Development Tools to Pave Your Road to Success

How Would You Like to Guarantee that You Become a Person Who is Capable of Succeeding? One of the greatest leaders in history, Ghandi, said “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve the world’s problems.” This is a powerful and very applicable truth. So why […]

The 4 Keys to Developing a Rich Life

Disclaimer: I’m NOT Talking About Money…. Not that I have a problem with the idea of being rich financially…I’ve experienced being broke and I’ve experienced financial abundance and there’s no question I prefer the latter! It’s just that a rich life is entirely different than being wealthy. Lots of wealthy people have very poor lives […]

Is THIS Keeping You From Success?

Guess What Keeps You From Really Turning it On and Accomplishing What You Are Capable of? How truly comfortable you already are. You might immediately take issue with what I just said. You might think…”Hey Todd, I’m not comfortable!” Then you likely think about all the stuff you aren’t happy with in life…. I get […]

Four Things That Draw People to Your Cause

Do You Want to Attract the Right People for Your Cause or Business? Or perhaps you are in my shoes, where your “Cause” and Your work are centered around the same thing. Whether it is or it isn’t, the most important thing to grasp is that people are drawn to people, before anything else. In […]

Softs Crabs, Fear, and your Dreams

So…as a kid I had this internal conflict. I loved to catch Maryland Blue Crabs when they were soft (the picture is in their hard condition). This is a natural part of their growing cycle that happens multiple times per summer. If you can find them and catch them they make the tastiest sandwiches! They’re […]

Five Tips for Working Through Tough Times

There Will be Difficult Periods in Everything You Ever Do That is Meaningful in Life. It’s just simply the way life works. Nothing of value just happens easily unless you get incredibly lucky, and if that happens you will then have a new kind of struggle (lack of appreciation, missing the learning, and a lot […]

This Single Decision Leads to Success in Anything

Do You Ever Have Days When You Just Don’t Feel Like it? You can apply this to anything…going to the gym, going to your job, doing something for someone you love, and working at your home business. We all have days and times, when we just DO NOT FEEL LIKE doing….whatever it is that’s important. […]

This Could Be The Most Important Thing Anyone Could Know…

Do You Want to Do Better in Life? Then here is a very important thing I have learned as I’ve gotten older… None of us really know very much. Sure we have knowledge and experience, and there are some topics we know more about than others in general. For example, in my case, I know […]

Five Life Changing Gifts That Come from This ONE Smart Decision

Don’t You Love it When You Get an Unexpected Gift That is Exactly the Thing You Need Right at That Moment? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it happens it’s pretty cool. Today I’m going to tell you about five gifts you are guaranteed to get that will be better than any unexpected gift […]

If a Butterfly Can Do THIS, Imagine What You Can Do

Who Will You Impact Today…and How? One thing is certain. You are going to be making some kind of impact every moment you interact with someone in your day to day life. This is a significant revelation because it brings to light our responsibility for our actions and our words. Will we brighten someone’s day? […]