You Have What it Takes

Do You Want to Make This Your Best Year Yet? You can. But you will have to accept a few things first and then call on your own personal secret weapon. A secret weapon so powerful that nothing can stop the person who relentlessly uses it. Let’s start with what you have to accept. You […]

Is THIS Keeping You From Success?

Guess What Keeps You From Really Turning it On and Accomplishing What You Are Capable of? How truly comfortable you already are. You might immediately take issue with what I just said. You might think…”Hey Todd, I’m not comfortable!” Then you likely think about all the stuff you aren’t happy with in life…. I get […]

The Nine Words to Eliminate From Your Mind

Do You Ever Talk Negatively to Yourself? I sure hope you don’t…but I have a feeling that maybe you do. After all, people have been telling you your entire life that you can’t do this or that, or that you aren’t good enough for something…. Did you know that by the time you reach the […]

4 Steps for Cultivating THIS Key Success Characteristsic

Do you realize that you are born with one of the absolutely most important success characteristics…and then you unlearn it? Huh? Yes, I know…I sort of went “huh” when I typed it…but it’s true. You were born with an incredible level of persistence. If you think about it… as an infant…whatever you wanted, you just yelled […]

A Great Resource for Helping You Overcome Obstacles

If you struggle at all with obstacles, this outstanding book will help you. Books like the one I am reviewing today, have been my mentors for the past 28 years. I struggled for the first half of my life with terrible self-esteem, low self-belief, and the feeling that my introversion and other obstacles were why […]

What do You Mean by That?

When I am teaching interpersonal skills, which are powerful skills for your network marketing business, I often talk about something I call the “communication gap.” This is the naturally occurring difference between what one person says, and what the other person thinks they said. In my experience, more often than not they are two very different […]

What would you do differently?

Imagine that you discovered today that you have exactly 5 years left to live. Not a day more or a day less. There is nothing you can do to change it. You have a half a decade, or 1825 days, or 43,800 hours, or 2,628,000 minutes left on the planet. Some of you might think […]

5 Reasons to be thankful for the person that really bugs you at work

A few days ago, I was on the phone with a very talented young woman. She was sharing with me how the consistent antics of someone in her office were affecting her ability to get her work done. I told her she should be thankful for this person. To which she said “huh?” If you work […]

Wisdom from “Frankenknee”

Today Facebook reminded me that I posted this exactly two years ago. I am very blessed in that, thanks to the advice of some of the best minds in the world in healing, I had an amazing experience that has produced a long term recovery unlike most experience. It was a lot of work and dedication, and today I have […]

My Watershed Moment for LIVING FULL and LIVING WELL

I’ll never forget it. NEVER. There I was sitting at my desk in my office in the back of the big farm house where we were living in Edgewater, MD. My marriage was struggling. My health was not great. I was working my face off and making progress towards my goals, but I was miserable. And then it […]