If You Think You’ve Talked to Everyone You Know…

Do You Feel Like You’ve Talked to All Your Friends Already? And now you are trying to figure out how to find more people to talk to about your products and opportunity? I remember this feeling. Initially my list was 38 people way back in 1989 when I started. I sponsored two people from those […]

How to Handle “Contact Overlap” With Your Network Marketing Team

So What is Contact Overlap? It is the situation that occurs when you and someone in your downline have the same contact. This will happen more frequently in local areas, but will also happen when you sponsor and work with people who are good friends since you will undoubtedly share some of the same connections. […]

Two Things You Need to Know About Your Prospects

Wouldn’t it Be Great to Know Exactly What Your Prospects Want? In this brief article I’m going to let you in on a couple of secrets about the people you are prospecting. Well…this applies to about 97% of your prospects. First off, the need is great in general for solutions in the market. I believe […]

Three Mindset Tips for Overcoming Phone Fear in Network Marketing

I Can Still Remember the Sweat Pouring Down My Face as I Tried to Lift My 800 Pound Phone…. Even though that was decades ago, the fear was so powerful it is unforgettable! Do you ever struggle with overcoming phone fear? Overcoming phone fear in network marketing is one of the biggest blocks for most […]

What Do You Do When Someone is Prospecting Your Prospect?

Have you ever had someone pursuing the same prospect as you at the same time? This happens in every business on the planet, so you would certainly expect it to happen in your home business. Most of what I share here and in the video applies to EVERYTHING.  So how do you handle it when […]

Focus on What’s Possible

Our Thought Process Going IN to any situation has a Massive Impact on what happens. The reasons are simple….we attract and receive those things we focus on and expect. Good or Bad this is the case. If we have a negative expectation or we are focusing on all the negative things that could happen, we […]