After attending a Leadership class led by Todd in our community, I knew his servant leadership and continuous improvement lessons would be right for our organization. Our pragmatic and self taught leaders are generally skeptical of consultants and trainers but Todd’s experience, personality and interactive teaching style resonated with these leaders. We have since had Todd back to teach more of our employees and leaders. Todd comes prepared to teach and coach on several topics and as the session progresses, he chooses the path most applicable to the needs he hears from the group. His preparation is outstanding and I admire his approach. Not only is Todd a fantastic trainer and coach but he has this wonderful aura that surrounds him and his positive energy is infectious. You can’t help but want to be a better person after meeting Todd. -Annette Danek-Akey, SVP, Penguin Random House

As President of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, I have the privilege of coordinating speakers for our annual Leadership Carroll sessions. Todd kicks our year off at every opening retreat and wraps up the year 10 months later at the Commencement. He is excellent. His discussions about leadership are outstanding. Leadership Carroll would be significantly less impactful without Todd’s priceless contributions. Todd is humble and real. He connects with all 40 people in the class because he truly cares. He speaks from the heart and his message is so well received.
I would absolutely recommend Todd to anyone looking to completely elevate the quality of their training. He transforms lives. In short, he’s the best at what he does!- Mike McMullin

I found Todd through a mutual friend and my decision to work with Todd has been transformative. His experience, insight, and support shaped (and continues to shape) the growth and go-to-market strategies for my new business. I come to the sales world by necessity for my start-up and Todd has been there to teach, guide, and counsel along the way–from the sales process, broadly, to specific cases, meetings, and client acquisition, specifically. His coaching allows me to be myself and use my personality and knowledge as an asset to the sales and growth process. I couldn’t recommend working with Todd–for any type of coaching or mentorship–enough! – Justin Dayhoff, CEO Equiday

Todd was our marquee speaker at my teams 2nd annual Vision Retreat in Hilton Head, SC. He provided a full day leadership workshop for my group of 15 business women in network marketing. It was incredible content and exceeded my expectations on all levels. The group was engaged, many breakthroughs took place and the exercise of “burning excuses” was such a creative way to release old habits. We really enjoyed the entire workshop and will hire him again. Highly recommend Todd to fellow business leaders or persons who desire coaching to better themselves and their team. -Jennifer Rice

I met Todd in 2004. He walks humbly, but he is an absolutely incredible leader and public speaker. Todd has been a go to resource for me personally and professionally for more than a decade. Whether it was helping me navigate big decisions or level up my leadership capacity, he has been a consistent source of wisdom and support. You’ll never find him bragging on himself, but he has achieved high levels of success in many areas of life and has the leadership capacity and passion to help others do the same. -Jason Stambaugh

Todd is a great coach and an expert on team building. Our company hired Todd to speak with our team on the importance of communication and collaboration. We noticed immediate results and an incredible morale boost in our company. I would definitely recommend Todd as an incredible mentor and motivator.- David Silverstein, Partner, American Home Contractors

I have known Todd for several years, having met him at the Leadership Carroll retreat, where he spent the day with us working on team building, motivation, and leadership skills among many others. He made a lasting impression, so when Carroll County Realtors was looking for a speaker for our Leadership Retreat, we turned to Todd and were not disappointed. Unfortunately, we only had Todd for 3 hours, but in that time he had a great positive impact on our officers, directors, staff, and visitors. Todd is very people oriented, and made all of us feel very comfortable as he led us through some pieces dealing with leadership, balance, and success. He was able to keep us spellbound, even after a big lunch! Todd works very hard tailoring his presentation to his audience, and we were not disappointed. We would highly recommend him! -Marc Fisher

I have known Todd for many years—dating back to playing youth sports with his son. At that time, I had no clue how much of an impact Todd would have on my life moving forward. He has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I was fortunate enough to work with him both 1 on 1 and in large group settings over the course of several years. He has a unique ability to connect and engage with audiences large and small. I credit so much of the success I am having, in multiple areas of life, to the principles I learned working with Todd. I cannot thank him enough. -Brett Callegary, Partner, Gauge Digital Media

Todd is one of the most outstanding leaders and teachers in network marketing and leadership. I not only appreciate and acknowledge him because of his success, but above all because of WHO he is and how he deals with people. Todd embodies the key attributes of integrity, authenticity, and loyalty to the highest degree, and is a very important model for many thousands of people. His story is a real and encouraging example of how to develop personally and achieve success through commitment, diligence and discipline. He generously and passionately shares his widespread knowledge and allows others to benefit from his wealth of experience too. His book “Leading with heart” is a valuable and precise guide on leadership, and not just in network marketing. It is a great privilege for me to call Todd my friend, and I am deeply grateful for all I have learned from him.-Werner Nothdurft, Mallorca

“Of all the great men that have made a positive impact in my life, I have to say that Todd Burrier is ranked very high on my list. Todd’s authenticity and high personal and business integrity are really what stands out about him.  His personality is contagious and his sincere desire to serve people and make a positive impact in their lives is obviously one of the things that drive him to do what he does so well.  His coaching and mentoring are first class and he has a unique way of teaching others about servant leadership. His personal and business failures and successes over the past 28 years has given him some unique credentials to teach what he teaches. I have benefitted tremendously from not only sitting on Todd’s tutelage for the past 10 years, but I have had the privilege of seeing him practice what he teaches.  He is the “Real Deal.”-Jason Merson, Maryland

If you don’t have a proven blue-print for success in your network marketing business, Todd Burrier will share step-by-step, with conviction, things he’s spent years learning to help you get where you want to go! Todd is one of the most passionate, purposed filled leaders I know. His inspirational story is a blessing to this profession. Todd leads with heart, vision, humility, and integrity. I’m proud to call Todd a friend and mentor.-Steve Bogle, Ohio

Dear Todd, We very admire you as a person (as well as Melanie), your trainings and your books. Wo often cite statements from you and tell stories, we experienced with or heard from you. Our face-to-face contacts we are always impressed from your true interest in people and your humility. Our favorite book is “leading with heart” – an absolute must for all networkers – as soon he has a small team. We look forward to our next meeting! Warm regards Sue & Rolf Rado, Switzerland

It has happened a few, rare times that I have met someone that I knew immediately was speaking directly from the purest, most honest part of himself. Todd Burrier not only speaks from his heart, he lives from his heart. His deepest desire is to improve the lives of people on the planet, and in the time that I have known him I have seen him demonstrate this desire into manifestation consistently. Todd has inspired me to take my life to a new level, creating my own “Best Life Ever Project”. For his guidance, inspiration, and friendship, I am beyond grateful.- Nancy Dowell, Maryland

I can’t even begin to describe the incredible impact Todd has had on my life, but I’ll try. I first met Todd when he gave a leadership development training at my company. His level of knowledge and his teaching abilities were obvious from the beginning. He has a uniquely powerful way of interacting with and impacting his audience that I had never experienced before. He opened my eyes to the world of soft skills and personal development in a way that has changed my life. I got to know him better outside of my workplace and his authentic heart to help others succeed was even more impactful than his teaching abilities. The growth that I have experienced both personally and professionally over the past few years is more than I could have ever imagined. Todd’s willingness to lead others through a place of servanthood is both powerful and effective. He has been incredibly impactful in my home business and it is clear that he is an authority in that market and has elite knowledge and strategies around building and helping others build successful home business. Working with him is certain to have a positive impact on you, much like it has for me and I am forever grateful for what have learned and continue to learn from him. Nick Kipe-Pennsylvania

Todd Burrier is one of those rare leaders you will ever come across. He is honest, reliable, disciplined, focus driven; goal oriented and a positive team player. He knows how to bring out the best in others. – Joseph k. Augustin, St. Lucia

I was involved in a company Leadership Training Program as a learning participant a couple years ago. That’s when I met Todd. This course was a substantial time investment for me, a busy engineer, as well as financially for the company. Over the course of several months I gleaned so much usable, solid, foundational and upper level leadership information and it has served me well since that time. I have since had the privilege to be coached, mentored and encouraged by this amazingly generous, gentle, yet inspiring man when I started my home based Network Marketing business just over a year ago. With the personal coaching, mentoring and the priceless tools and information Todd has poured into me I’ve seen 20X growth in my income! -John Brown, Pennsylvania

It is my pleasure to share the impact Todd has had on me and my life over the past three years. I’m thankful to be mentored by someone who walks the talk. It is quite something to be led by an individual who leads by example. At the point Todd and I began talking, I was not in a good place. He did not have any idea where I was, but his words of belief in me and encouragement were like pouring water on a dry sponge. Whenever I reached out for advice, Todd always responded in a timely manner and never attempted to micromanage. I’m especially grateful for his leadership.Todd is consistent and it is obvious he cares about those he serves. I aspire to model his example in my life. -Carol Thompson, Maryland

I have know Todd Burrier for over 20 years. During this period I have experienced many ups and downs in my personal and business life. When I need the inspiration to pick me up out of a rut or the guidance to take me to the next level, Todd does not know this, but it his his tenacity for living that has helped me time and time again to reach higher ground. Whether it be a video he has posted, or a book he has recommended, an excerpt from one of his own books, he has consistently provided me with what I have needed to keep my attitude positive and striving to move forward. The example he sets with his self discipline, his family life, his marriage, how he has parented, run his businesses all have helped me at various times to keep my ball moving forward. He teaches as he has been taught and for this I am thankful. I will continue to use him as a resource in making my life better and the lives I touch.-Stephen Balaban, Pennsylvania

In the 20+ years that I’ve known Todd, he has consistently painted a better vision for me and my family in the home business industry. His love and support during my times of struggle have amazed me. Todd is an excellent example of what he teaches in networking and in life: To be nice, honest and respectful to all. I’ve watched him excel and flourish in our company, helping thousands along the way, and am proud to call him a mentor and a friend.-Chris Hanschmidt, North Carolina

I have known Todd for over 15 years. The one thing that Todd always does when we talk is let’s me know that I can do anything when I set my mind to and get a plan in place. He also reminds me that I am worth the effort whatever it takes, weather it is building my business or working on my health and happiness. Todd is always encouraging and very supporting in my endeavors even when I feel I can’t get my chin up to try one more time. -Pam Armbrister, Oklahoma

I was introduced to Todd through a mutual friend a few years back. His energy and enthusiasm for life was something that immediately made me think “I need to learn something from this guy”. Since then I have shared countless life stories with him, and every time the outcome is one of sincere drive to help. He has opened my eyes and helped me understand what is possible with network marketing, and shown me how to integrate it into my busy life. Todd is always looking to help by encouraging, mentoring and steering me towards my goals. -LynnOlexy, Maryland

Todd been leading leadership training classes for our Program Managers, Project Engineers, as well as other engineering professionals for the past few years. From this, our team is more confident, more engaged, and they are creating a customer centric culture that is reshaping how we do business. Todd’s teaching style and passion for making people better is having an influence on many fortune 100 companies that we serve daily.-Mike Rogalski, Maryland